Friday, September 24, 2010

Scream 4 and Captain America 2010

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Movie News Quick Hits: Explosive 'Scream 4' and 'Captain America' Images

-- Following up on Entertainment Tonight's set visit, Entertainment Weekly has published the first official photo from 'Scream 4', featuring original 'Scream' franchise hero Courteney Cox (as Gale Weathers) roaming around unaware that Ghostface is right behind her, prompting the audience to scream, "He's right behind you!"

-- Beginning early next year, Time Warner Cable has announced that it will offer costumers the opportunity to watch current movies On Demand before they hit DVD or the rental market for an elevated price of about $20 to $30. This is an update to an earlier report that suggested customers may have to pay upwards of $50 to watch a film early, so these lower numbers should make the experiment a bit more interesting. No word on which film they'll test it out with yet, though 'Tron: Legacy' seems like it'd be a good fit, especially since Disney is a studio anxious to shorten that release window.

-- Chloe Moretz has signed on to play Emily the Strange in a new live-action film based on the fictional counterculture character who began as a sticker handed out at concerts and record stores before evolving and launching her own comic series. The film will be of the origins variety and will tell the story of the punk-goth girl and her four black cats.

-- We can't be the only ones who find it funny that MySpace will be hosting a live chat with the stars of 'The Social Network' on Sunday, September 26th at 5:30pm EST. Too bad we can't broadcast the entire thing over Twitter ... or can we?

-- Need even more proof that Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are itching to stage a third installment in their 'Bill & Ted' franchise? Well, MTV caught up with Winter who confirmed that a script is most definitely in the works. He says,"The essence of what we've always wanted to do is to make a 'Bill & Ted' movie. We don't want to make a cynical 'here's Bill and Ted - you guys are our kids, now YOU guys go be Bill and Ted and the franchise can live for another 25 years!' It's not that. It's a straight up, what's the funniest and most surprising take on where Bill and Ted would be right now if we stopped back in on them? That's what we're doing." Radical!

-- 'Captain America: The First Avenger' is currently filming across the pond in Manchester where they've re-created 1940s New York for an action sequence involving the film's lead female, Hayley Atwell. Check out the first image of Atwell below, as well as video of the "exploding car" scene being shot via Coming Soon/Daily Mail

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