Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The 20 Sexiest Celebrity Nerds

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The 20 Sexiest Celebrity Nerds


When we see ridiculously attractive celebs driving their Ferraris to some hot Hollywood party with their glamourous spouse by their side, it hurts. To make ourselves feel better, we assume there must be a trade off for being so gorgeous and successful, and that these A-listers must be spectacularly stupid. Our wounded egos desperately try to console us by saying, “Yeah well, they may be better looking, more popular, and have more money than you, but….at least you probably did better on your SATs! And you got that junior year calculus grade up to a C+, so Matt Damon can suck it!”

But we’ve got some really bad news. Many stars not only have the beauty and the brawn, but million-dollar brains to match. Check out the gallery below to see which smart stars made our Hollywood Honor Roll! And be sure to see Waiting for Superman, the new documentary about the cracks in our education system and the super-smart kids trying to climb out of them. 

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