Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Checks Back Into Rehab

Lindsay Lohan Checks Back Into Rehab


 Lindsay Lohan is in rehab, reports TMZ. The actress apparently checked into the live-in facility today, and will remain there until her October 22nd court date (and possibly stay on after her check-in with the judge).

Normally we’d write something snarktastic about the actress’ latest stint getting sober, but we after reading this wonderful first-hand account of addiction on Autostraddle, we’re inclined to keep our mouths shut. The woman has a problem, it’s serious and we hope she gets help. We’ve seen addiction affect friends and family members first-hand and it’s not something to mock, even if the person in question is a fake-lipped loony with a crazy family and a summer house on Denial River. Let’s cut Lindsay some slack and give her some room to heal - even if it takes a billion more tries after this one.

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