Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kate Beckinsale Rejoins Underworld

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Kate Beckinsale Rejoins 'Underworld' 


Vampires and Lycans, it's time to crawl back into your coffins and dodge those silver bullets: the original Death Dealer is back in action.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, actress Kate Beckinsale has agreed to return to the role of Selene for the fourth installment of Screen Gems and Lakeshore Entertainment's "Underworld" film franchise. Shooting begins in March 2011 in Vancouver based on a script originally written by John Hlavin and revised by J. Michael Straczynski.

Beckinsale took a breather from the "Underworld" franchise by sitting out of "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" in 2009. A prequel to the first two "Underworld" films, "Rise of the Lycans" had a built-in reason to keep Beckinsale on the sidelines. In her place, actress Rhona Mitra occupied the leading lady role.

The return of Beckinsale to the "Underworld" series was long rumored, and now that it's official, speculation is bound to focus on whether or not Scott Speedman will reprise his role as Michael Corvin. Additionally, while Beckinsale has rejoined the series, there's currently no indication that her husband and the original film's director Len Wiseman will reprise his own role behind the lens. The search for a director is currently underway, as is a search for a young actress to play Selene's daughter.

The "Underworld" series flips the vampire and werewolf genres on their heads, depicting a world in which both creatures are the byproduct of a viral outbreak. The fourth film in the franchise is rumored to be shot in 3-D.

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