Monday, September 27, 2010

Lady Gaga’s Pop Pop Passes Away

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Lady Gaga’s Pop Pop Passes Away

In sad celebrity news, Lady Gaga’s grandfather died last Friday. We can imagine him in heaven now, still trying to get his granddaughter to put on a sweater when they go to Applebee’s, for chrissake. Gaga shared a great relationship with her 88-year-old gramps; at one show she even dedicated the song “Speechless” to him, explaining, “I’m really close with my grandpa.” At least he got to see his granddaughter wear a dress made out of meat to accept an award for her insanely-successful music. What more could a man could ask for in life?

Gaga has famously been close to the men in her family, crediting her father for helping her kick a nasty coke habit and generally being her biggest supporter. We’d love to know what Grandad Gaga passed onto his grandchild. The ability to believe in herself? The shimmer powder that best highlights an exposed pelvic bone? She had to learn those things somewhere!

Over the weekend Gaga tweeted, “Having a Perfect Manhattan, for my perfect guy. Love you Giuseppe,” the Italian form of her grandfather’s name, Joseph Germanotta. Here is where we would normally make a joke about a tasteful pantsless memorial service, but honestly we are too busy blinking back tears and hugging every man over 50 that walks past our cubicle to do it.  [Photo: Getty Images] 

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