Friday, September 24, 2010

Corey Feldman Teases Another Lost Boys Trilogy and TV Series

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Corey Feldman Teases Another 'Lost Boys' Trilogy and TV Series

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Once upon a time, a long time ago (23 years, to be exact), there was a film called 'The Lost Boys.' It focused on this little town called Santa Clara, and the vampires who plagued it. Jason Patric's Michael followed his lust (to Jami Gertz) and found himself mixed up with the bloodsuckers, while mom started dating the secret head vampire. Corey Haim's Sam found some kiddie vamp hunters in the Frog Brothers on his quest to get rid of the menace, and Barnard Hughes' Grandpa turned out to be a lot less clueless than everyone thought. The film was a classic, busting past genre barriers and becoming one of the '80s must-see features.

But then the unthinkable happened: We got a lackluster 'Lost Boys: The Tribe' in 2008, have 'Lost Boys: The Thirst' coming out next month, and Frog brother Corey Feldman says the 'Lost Boys' sequel train wants to keep on trucking for a while, even though the trucks ran out of gas a long time ago.

Shock Till You Drop spoke to Feldman and the other Frog, Jamison Newlander, about the latest direct-to-DVD release, which is being treated like some big event rather than a blemish many of us movie fans would rather forget. Feldman is touring around to "give fans the opportunity to come to the House of Blues and see the original 'Lost Boys' in a theatrical setting. They'll also get a sneak peek of the new film and they can come in costume. There will be a costume contest. My band, Truth Movement, is going to perform." In other words, a 'Lost Boys' ball with the dude helping to run the franchise into the ground. (Dates: Oct. 21 in San Diego, Oct. 24 in LA, Oct. 28 in Anaheim.)

But that's not the only gem. Feldman says that if this latest film does as well as they hope, there is talk not only for another sequel, but a second trilogy. "We've plotted out three more films that could bring back more original characters." (Would any of the oldies agree to sequels 4, 5, or 6?) Not only that, but: "We're also talking a television series."

Did you ever think 'The Lost Boys' would turn into 7-film franchise and TV series a few decades after the fact? Weigh in below after scoping out the trailer for 'Lost Boys: The Thirst'. 

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