Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lindsay Gets One Last Shill In very hot

Lindsay Gets One Last Shill In Before Rehab


Yesterday we reported that Lindsay Lohan entered rehab for the fifth time, and mentioned that the world needs to go easy on the girl and her issues because, you know, she’s an addict. However we think her desperate attempt to profit off of her troubles is still fair game, and so we present to you: Lindsay’s Last Shill.

Radar has a couple of exclusive pics of LiLo’s and her rubber lips, just totally caught off-guard “reading” yet another self-help book on her balcony. The self-tanned sad-fest allegedly was trying to sell photos of her walking around with her SCRAM bracelet for $10,ooo but no one bit. We can only assume this is the photoshoot that eventually went down, and that Lindsay probably pocketed a little cash before heading off to detox.

What’s sadder - that she’s making money off of her troubled life or that she has no other means of income? Er, let’s just call it a draw.

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