Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lady Gaga’s The Meat And The Megadress

Lady Gaga’s VMA Outfits: The McQueen, The Meat And The Megadress


We love when Lady Gaga gets teary-eyed and emotional when winning awards. We love when she shouts out her fans over and over again. But mostly we just love when she robs a butcher shop and wears her loot.

Clearly the woman is campaigning for the lead in “That’s Our Gaga!,” the new sitcom where she does the wacky things we’ve all come to expect - and love. Obviously she was going to rock Alexander McQueen hoof heels. Of course she’d wear a steak on her head. Obviously she’d take ten minutes to walk up four steps because her black rubber dresses weighs more than all the grenades The Situation has boned on Jersey Shore, combined.

But which VMA outfit was your favorite? We’re voting for meat dress because, well, duh, it’s a f*cking dress made of meat. But the black mohawk headdress could sway our vote. What say you?

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