Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An Intruder Breaks Into Paris Hilton’s Home… Again

An Intruder Breaks Into Paris Hilton’s Home… Again

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 An intruder was just caught in Paris Hilton’s house. Before you tell us this is old news, let us just say… it’s not. Because this is the second time it’s happened this year. Intruder no 1. broke into Paris’ house with two knives in August. Luckily her BF Cy Waits was there to pull a Batman-curses, foiled again move and quite possibly, saved the heiress. The fact that Cy hasn’t been so lucky post the episode, is of course, a different story altogether.

The newest crazy dude is James Rainford who is currently being held on $20,000 bail after being booked for battery. He somehow got past the guard gate on his bike before getting busted by Paris’s private security detail. Here’s the thing though, he managed getting to her front door and knocked as if to say,  ”Hi, I’m the weirdo who just broke into your home. But I knocked before, because I’m polite”.  It’s a good thing she’s invested in bodyguards, but really, how the hell did this guy get past the first blockade in the first place?

Rainford went down swinging too. He got violent with security who had to hold him down till the cops arrived. And just like the first time her house was broken into, Paris tweeted about the incident, saying, “So scary today with that creepy guy just showing up at my house like that. Thank god for security.”

You can say that again. Because it seems to be Paris’ lot in life to attract the crazies.

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