Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Katherine Heigl Quits Smoking The Old Fashioned Way

Katherine Heigl Quits Smoking The Old Fashioned Way: 

Robot Cigarettes

What was it like before we had tiny robots to do everything for us? Don’t know, don’t care is our way of thinking! And since Katherine Heigl uses electronic cigarettes to quit smoking, we bet she feels the same way. Heigl visited The Late Show with David Letterman on his show last week to show of her nifty electronic cigarette, and probably promote some movie; we weren’t listening. We were too fixated on that robo-cigarette to care. It has a bejeweled bottom!

Explained Heigl, “I tried everything. I tried the patch, I tried the gum, I tried the Chantix twice, and went bananas.” Finally she had to resort to the electronic option, which replaces smoke with water vapor and with nicotine with…oh wait, no, there is still nicotine in it. But hey, no smoke is a giant step forward!

Not only is her new method healthier for her lungs,  Heigl’s attempts to quit have also transformed her into someone’s fun aunt. Puffing away on Letterman,  Heigl cracked, “Am I gonna be arrested by the PC police?”. Then as Dave took a hit, saying, “I’m not going to take a big one”, Heigl practically yelled, “That’s what she said!”  Wow, we really like new, trying-to-quit Katherine Heigl. It just goes to show it is true what we tell ourselves: everybody loves a quitter!

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