Monday, August 2, 2010

Julia Roberts Gained Seven To 10 Pounds

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 Julia Roberts Gained Seven To 10 Pounds During Filming Of 'Eat Pray Love'


Julie Roberts
Confession time: we love Julia Roberts. We loved her in "Pretty Woman" (which is 20 years old this year!), we loved her in "Hook," we loved her in "Erin Brockovich," and we just know we're going to love her in "Eat Pray Love." Fortunately for us, it seems that Entertainment Weekly loves her just as much as we do, since they dedicated their August 6 issue (out on newsstands today) to her upcoming film.
Probably the most fun segment of the interview that we've had a chance to look at is when EW asks Julia about all her food eating in the Italy portion of "Eat Pray Love." Turns out that any weight gain you see in the film is au natural, since Julia said she gained seven to 10 pounds during those filming scenes.

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