Monday, August 2, 2010

Director Details Alex Pettyfer And Dianna Agron's Roles

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 'I Am Number Four' EXCLUSIVE: Director Details Alex Pettyfer And Dianna Agron's Roles

With "Beastly" bumped back to March 18, 2011, the release date jumble leaves its stars in an interesting predicament. Now "Beastly" will be coming out a week before Vanessa Hudgens' other starring vehicle, "Sucker Punch," and Alex Pettyfer will have been first known for "I Am Number Four," which he signed on to after "Beastly" but which is expected to be released February 2011.
"I'd be lying to you if I didn't tell you I was more excited that we were coming out first," director D.J. Caruso admitted to MTV in an exclusive interview. "The thing I like about Alex is that, first of all, he's this really dynamic, interesting, good-looking kid. But the most important element for me is that there's this real vulnerability. It's rare; you can see that, though there's a confidence there, there's a little bit of a pain that we can

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